This is a Java application that uses the strategy software design pattern.

Beverage Price Calculator

This is a Java application using the decorator software design pattern.

Baby Album

I created this webpage to share photos of my new baby with families and friends! Project highlights: the grid layout of photos are created using Bootstrap. Animations are added at the top of the page for the purpose of fun, mostly using CSS.

To-Do List

I created this simple to-do list application using jQuery. Project highlights: it was fun to create those hovering and clicking effects!

The Color Game

Borrowing the game idea from the Web Developer Bootcamp course in Udemy, I created this RGB color guessing game from scratch. The fun part of this project was definitely manipulating different HTML components using JS!

FESC Redesign

This is a mock up redesign project of the original FESC website. The goal of this project is to make the FESC website to have a consistent theme and be responsive. Just as a proof of concept, the homepage, research page, and the contact page are redesigned. In addition to sematic HTML, Sass is used for reusable code structure. On the research page, the energy data is obtained via US Energy Information Admistration API and drawn using Google Chart library. Lastly, Vue.js is used to create a template and applied on the sub-sections of the research page.